Department of Information Technology

Agenda Gender Equality Group, Friday 28th of October at 15:00 to 17:00 in room 1345

The theme of the meeting is: Applications

1 Applications (13.30-13.40)

Please read the applications before the meeting. They are found at Medarbetarportalen.

2 Evaluation of the model for funding gender equality projects (13.40- 14.00)

• Session with post-it notes
• Organizing events related to gender equality, and Development Projects Related to Gender Equality

3 Gender Equality Plan 2017 (14.00-14.30)

How has the work with the plan progressed?

4 Miscellaneous (14.30-15.00)

• Round the table: How are things going with work in the the different areas of the Gender Equality Plan?
• Fika meeting discussions

5 Information about our next meetings:

30 november - Supporting women in post docs, associate senior lecturers or senior lecturers positions (section 4.4 in the action plan)
- Ulrike Schnaas comes and discusses the ideas behind the toolkit for PhD supervisors and plans the work with us.
- Division gender equality program
- Nina presents interviews
- Mats presents how the strategic day went

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