Department of Information Technology


These groups are responsible for managing daily operations at the department.

Ledningsgruppen (the management group)

The management group handles daily management and execution of the board´s decisions. Members of the board are: Head of the department, Heads of the divisions, Head of Education, the Head of Research, Public Relation Officer, Economist, Personnel Administrator and co-coordinators for the administrative group and the system support group. The manage group has meetings every week.

Members of the Management Group:

Studierektorsgruppen (Group of Directors of undergraduate studies)

Studierektorsgruppen consists of the Directors of undergraduate studies, subject coordinators and the Head of Education. The group manages current and long-term education matters and prepares matters on behalf of the steering group, the Head of Department and / or the Board.

Members of Studierektorsgruppen :

  • Mats Daniels, Director of undergraduate studies, Division of Computer Systems
  • Mikael Laaksoharju, Director of undergraduate studies, Division of Visual Information and Interaction
  • Matteo Magnani Director of undergraduate studies, Division of Computing Science
  • Hans Rosth, Director of undergraduate studies, Division of Systems and Control
  • Aletta Nylén, Head of Education (chairman)
  • Stefan Pålsson, Director of undergraduate studies, Division of Scientific Computing

GRUPPEN FÖR PROGRAMANSVARIGA PROFESSORER (PAP-Group: the professors & program directors group)

The PAP-group is made up by the professors in charge with directing the research programs at the department. The group’s main purpose is to coordinate the joint strategic efforts to develop the research at the department. This entails discussing proposals based on feedback from the department’s divisions on how faculty funds that are not specifically bound to a research program are to be distributed and used. The group may also be commissioned to manage other general research issues. Chair of the PAP-group is the Head of Research, Gunilla Kreiss.

Members of the PAP-group:

  • Per Gunningberg, professor and program director for the program in Computer Architecture and Communication Systems
  • Sverker Holmgren, professor and program director for the program in Applied Scientific Computing
  • Bengt Jonsson, professor and program director for the program in Computer Systems
  • Gunilla Kreiss, research prefect, professor and program director for the program in Numerical Analysis (chair)
  • Alexander Medvedev, professor and program director for the program in Systems and Control
  • Ingela Nyström, professor and program director for the program in Image Analysis and Human-Computer Interaction
  • Joachim Parrow, professor and program director for the program in Computing Science

The Group of Professors Responsible for Ph.D. Programs

For each Ph.D. program, there is a professor appointed by the faculty board, who is responsible for the overall quality of the Ph.D. program including Ph.D. courses offered and dissertations produced as well as the development of the subject area in collaboration with other professors in the subject area. Chair of the group is the director of Research Education, Wang Yi.

  • Per Gunningberg (Computer Science with a specialization in Computer Communication)
  • Sverker Holmgren (Computer Science with a specialization in Database Technology)
  • Bengt Jonsson (Computer Science)
  • Mats Lind (Computer Science with a specialization in Human-Computer Interaction)
  • Maya Neytcheva (Scientific Computing with a specialization in Numerical Analysis)
  • Arnold Pears (Computer Science with a specialization in Computer Science Education Research)
  • Thomas Schön (Electrical Engineering with a specialization in Automatic Control)
  • Michael Thuné (Scientific Computing)
  • Carolina Wählby (Computerized Image Processing)
  • Wang Yi (Computer Science with a specialization in Embedded Systems)

Samverkansgruppen (Collaborations group)

The groups main task is to be a drafting committee for strategic planning of collaborations, and to coordinate, support and follow up our department's collaborative activities. The group can also initiate collaborations that different divisions and groups within the department want to realize. The group should consist of interested members from the divisions (up to two representatives per division) and also an administrative resource. The group is lead by a coordinator.

Members of the collaborations group:

Jämställdhetsgruppen (Gender Equality Group)

The members of the Gender Equality Group are assigned to work as a drafting committee in matters regarding gender equality, for example follow and evaluate the equality work, suggest equality efforts and also plan and realize equality projects. Furthermore, the group members have a task of respectively informing their divisions/equivalent and Heads of Divisions/equivalent about the groups work.

Group members:

Please see the groups web page for information about the group members.

Studievägledargruppen (Student Counsellors Group)

The student counsellors handle current matters and long-term planning regarding support and administration concerning students. The group handles coordination between the department's student counselling, the programme student counselling and the Student Office, and also collaborations with external resources and administrative units regarding the handling of student matters.

Group members:

(See also the Student Counsellors's web page for more information about Student Counselling.)

The Work Environment Group (Arbetsmiljögruppen)

The Work Environment Group prepare and follow up the Action Plan for the Work Environment and is responsible for safety inspections. The group meets 3 times a year.

Group members:

The Crisis and Crisis Support Group (Krisberedskapsgruppen)

The Crisis and Crisis Support Group produces and updates guidelines and checklists, as well as acting when the need of crisis arises. The group holds meetings 1-2 times per year.

Crisis panel's members:

See The Crisis and Crisis Support Group homepage for more information.

Valberedning (Election Committee)

The Election Committee's task is to, by direction of the steering group and the board, suggest nominees for different groups.

Election committee 160912-190831 :
For committee members see Swedish page.

Webbgruppen (the Web Group)

The web group is responsible for web-realted matters by direction of the steering gourp and the board, and also in consultation with the Teknat collaboration unit and/or the web editors at the university's communication unit. Some members receive reimbursement for the assignment, others have an advisory role.

Group members:

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