Department of Information Technology

BioImage Informatics Facility, BIIF

The National SciLifeLab/NMI BioImage Informatics Facility (BIIF) provides support and education in image analysis to life science researchers in Sweden. BIIF has its main node at the Centre for Image Analysis, and has an additional node connected to the School of Computer Science and Communication at KTH.
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Centre for Interdisciplinary Mathematics, CIM

The Center for Interdisciplinary Mathematics in Uppsala promotes research collaborations between mathematical sciences and other disciplines and industry. The goal is to integrate mathematics and science in order to understand complex systems.
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Analytic Imaging Diagnostics Arena, AIDA

Analytic Imaging Diagnostics Arena (AIDA) is a Swedish arena for research and innovation on artificial intelligence, AI, for medical image analysis. Here, academia, healthcare and industry meet to translate technical advances in AI technology into patient benefit in the form of clinically useful tools. Staff from CBA are engaged in the board of AIDA and part of several of its ongoing research projects.
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UPPMAX (Uppsala Multidisciplinary Center for Advanced Computational Science) is Uppsala University's resource of high-performance computers, large-scale storage and know-how of high-performance computing (HPC)
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3D-printing service specialised in the design and fabrication of custom-made pieces for use in biomedical research laboratories and in health care.
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Medtech Science & Innovation is a joint center for medical technology for Uppsala University and the Academic Hospital. Parties in the center are the science area for technology and science, as well as the science area for medicine and pharmacy at Uppsala University, and the Academic Hospital.
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