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CBA People

All personell associated with CBA at the Division of Visual Infomation and Interaction are listed below. In addition, there are numerous collaborators at other Departments and Universities who are affiliated with CBA.
Information about CBA alumni is available on request from the Director of CBA.

Name Position Email
Nyström, Ingela Director of CBA, Professor ingela.nystrom @
Allalou, Amin Researcher amin.allalou @
Andersson, Axel PhD Student axel.andersson @
Bengtsson, Ewert Professor Emeritus ewert.bengtsson @
Bengtsson Bernander, Karl PhD Student karl.bengtsson_bernander @
Borgefors, Gunilla Professor Emerita gunilla.borgefors @
Breznik, Eva PhD Student eva.breznik @
Brun, Anders Researcher anders.brun @
Dhara, Ashis Kumar Guest Researcher ashis.kumar.dhara @
Gupta, Anindya Post Doctoral anindya.gupta @
Gupta, Ankit PhD Student ankit.gupta @
Hast, Anders Professor, Excellent Teacher anders.hast @
Heil, Raphaela PhD student raphaela.heil @
Kiselman, Christer Professor Emeritus kiselman @
Klemm, Anna Bioinformatician, Docent anna.klemm @
Koriakina, Nadezdha PhD Student nadezhda.koriakina @
Lindblad, Joakim Researcher joakim.lindblad @
Malmberg, Filip Researcher, Docent filip.malmberg @
Matuszewski, Damian Post Doctoral damian.matuszewski @
Nysö, Fredrik PhD Student fredrik.nysjo @
Partel, Gabriele PhD Student gabriele.partel @
Pielawski, Nicolas PhD Student nicolas.pielawski @
Ranefall, Petter Senior Scientist, Docent petter.ranefall @
Razifar, Pasha Guest Researcher, Docent pasha.razifar @
Seipel, Stefan Professor stefan.seipel @
Sintorn, Ida-Maria Senior Lecturer, Docent ida.sintorn @
Sladoje, Natasa Senior Lecturer, Docent natasa.sladoje @
Solorzano, Leslie PhD Student leslie.solorzano @
Strand, Robin Head of Division, Professor robin.strand @
Vats, Ekta Post Doctoral ekta.vats @
Wetzer, Elisabeth PhD student elisabeth.wetzer @
Wieslander, Håkan PhD student hakan.wieslander @
Wählby, Carolina Professor
Zhang, Hangqin Post Doctoral hangqin.zhang @
Öfverstedt, Johan PhD Student johan.ofverstedt @
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