7th International workshop on Reachability Problems

      25 - 27 September 2013, Uppsala, Sweden

Foto: Othamne Rezine

List of Accepted Papers

Ernst W. Mayrand Jeremias Weihmann . Completeness Results for Generalized Communication-free Petri Nets with Arbitrary Edge Multiplicities
Julien Reichert. On The Complexity of Counter Reachability Games
Søren Kristoffer Stiil Frederiksen and Peter Bro Miltersen. Monomial Strategies for Concurrent Reachability Games and Other Stochastic Games
Laurent Fribourg and Romain Soulat. Stable Limit Cycles for Sampled Switched Systems
Marcello M. Bersani, Matteo Rossi and Pierluigi San Pietro. Deciding Continuous-time Metric Temporal Logic with Counting Modalities
Matteo Camilli, Carlo Bellettini, Lorenzo Capra and Mattia Monga. MaRDiGraS: Simplified Building of Reachability Graphs on Large Clusters
Paul Bell and Shang Chen. Reachability Problems for Hierarchical Piecewise Constant Derivative Systems
Giorgio Delzanno, Arnaud Sangnier and Riccardo Traverso. Parameterized Verification of Broadcast Networks of Register Automata
Sam Jones and Rick Thomas. Formal languages, word problems of groups and decidability
Artturi Piipponen and Antti Valmari. Constructing Minimal Coverability Sets
Beatrice Berard, Serge Haddad, Aleksandra Jovanovic and Didier Lime. Parametric Interrupt Timed Automata
Ilaria De Crescenzo and Salvatore La Torre. Modular Synthesis with Open Components
Richard Mayr and Patrick Totzke. Branching-Time Model Checking Gap-Order Constraint Systems
Kais Klai, Naïm Aber and Laure Petrucci. Verification of Reachability Properties for Time Petri Nets

Uppsala University

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  Submission deadline
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  12 August 2013

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  19 August 2013

   25 - 27 September 2013