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Concerns the administration and the janitors.

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Ulrika Andersson
Personnel Administrator

I take care of personnel- and working environment matters and applications concerning graduate studies. If needed,I help our guest research-workers with forms to the authorities. I´m also fire-protection inspector and back up for the department registrar.

Anneli Berglund
Course Administrator

I work at the Student Office with course administration, helping students and teachers.

Anna-Helena Brandhammar
Financial Administrator
Mathias Brännvall
Administrative Coordinator
Liselott Dominicus van den Bussche
Study Counsellor
Dick Elfström
Computer Technician

I take care of copying and binding compendia.
I do house caring in building 2, take care of mail distribution, office supplies (takes stock and executes orders), handle keys and access cards for buildning 2 and 4.

Johanna Feiff
Financial Administrator

Financial administrator for SNIC.

Nelly Fernando
Financial Administrator
Johan Fernquist
Administrative Coordinator
Anneli Folkesson
Web Editor
on leave 2017-01-01 - 2019-08-31

As web editor I am responsible for, and lead the strategic work regarding the department's website. I do this together with the department's web group.

I'm also manager of the department's archives.

Anna-Lena Forsberg
Personnel Administrator

I handle personnel och work environment issues. I help guest researchers with applications to Swedish authorities. I am the secretary for the Gender Equality Group of the department. I am also contact person regarding sexual harassment and diversity issues.

Roland Grönroos
I am
I have been coordinator for WISENET and for ASTEC and ARTES
that has ended.
Per-Olov Hammargren
Administrative Coordinator
Nike Hansen
Marcus Holm
Agneta Hortlund
Financial Administrator
Anne-Marie Jalstrand
Financial Assistant

I take care of invoices and travelling expenses accounts and reimbursment matters (ersättningsärenden) for Computing Science, Computer Systems and IT-jointly. I also handle purchase orders for building 1 and 4 and administrative service for Computing Science ang Computer Systems.

Ulrika Jaresund

I am the scheduler at the department and also in charge of room bookings. I am also the exchange student coordinator for both in- and outgoing students.

Carina Lindgren
Financial Administrator
on leave 2017-03-20 - 2018-03-19

I take care of financial- and personnel matters for the Division of Scientific Computing.

Elisabeth Lindqvist
Project Coordinator

I record data regarding the PhD students of the IT department in UPPDOK

Katarina Lindroth
Financial Coordinator

I take care of financial matters for the division of Systems and Control and UPPMAX.

Lotta Lundell
Administrative Manager
on leave 2017-12-11 - 2018-12-31
Elizabeth Neu Morén
Administrative Manager
Marina Nordholm
Department Technician

I take care of mail distribution, office supplies (takes stock and executes orders), handle keys. I also take care of copying and binding compendia and thesis.

Camilla Pajunen
Financial Administrator
Loreto Skoknic
Course Administrator

I work with course administration, services for students and teachers, follow-ups of undergraduate education. I also work as a Personnel administrator and Senior Registry Clerk.

Emmaline Trossvik
Course Administrator
Peter Waites
Web Editor
Ingegerd Wass
Course Administrator

My main responsibilities are course administration and student and teacher support.

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