Department of Information Technology

Using Xming and PuTTY

You need


  • Install and start Xming, an icon shows up next to the clock when the program is started.
  • Start PuTTY, check the box "Enable X11 forwarding" under Connection -> SSH -> X11.
  • Go back to "Session" in PuTTY and type the name of the machine you want to connect to, for example A list of available servers can be found here.
  • Log in with your unix user name and password.
  • Start the programs you want to run, for example matlab or xemacs. There are several options to run Xming here are two series of screen dumps: To run a one-window session quite like a sunRay-session OR to run a multiple-windows session by starting a terminal, e.g. xterm or dtterm. In these two examples the user sets the keyboard layout to a Finnish keyboard instead of a Swedish one (-xkbmodel pc104 -xkblayout fi). This is because a Finnish keyboard works much better(!) than Swedish one when it comes to Swedish letters åÅäÄÖÖ. An English keyboard is default.
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