Department of Information Technology

Procurement and purchasing

All purchases we make as university employees must follow the rules of the Swedish Public Procurement Act (Lagen om offentlig upphandling, LOU; SFS 2007:1091). This applies to all purchases, even if it's small amounts. This applies both to the purchase of goods as well the purchase of services.

In order to be able to get an overview over resources and hardware we all need to follow the same procedure at procurement. This makes it easier to keep the inventories up to date and it greatly eases warranty-issues too.

All hardware and stuff must be ordered via Bugzilla and nearly each and every case must get an OK in some form by the persons responsible for the money before an order can be placed! Add information about to which division you belong already when filing in the bugzilla then it will be easier, too.

All procurements of hardware and other stuff must be handled by the system administrators staff group in building 4, floor 1.


  • Go to and choose "Inköp/Procurement" as "Component".
  • Choose a good header - like a mini-summary. "Procurement of a MacBook Pro" does say more than "I need a computer".
  • Write an explanation of what you want us to buy. If you haven't done a check in Produktwebben it is even more important to be clear and precise in specifying your wants and needs so that the people handling the procurements can match products to suit you.
  • Include information about which project or who is going to pay
  • Do not forget to use the drow-down-lists for Operating System (OS) and hardware-type if it is relevant.
  • Add information about which division you belong to.
  • Click on "Submit bug"
  • For most of the employees (especially from TDB, Syscon, Vi2, A-personnel and researchers belonging to David Black-Schaffer's project): Find your newly submitted bug and add the person or the persons at your part of the department "who has to shell out the money" for your hardware and add them to the CC-row. This is found in the upper part of the page on the right hand side.
  • Give these persons some hint so that they post a definite OK (or something along those lines "yes, order this for NN" is also ok). Before we have this explicit OK it cannot be ordered according to the rules!
  • Now the staff handling procurements should have everything they need to go on with the process.
  • You can check at Produktwebben to get an idea of what is procurable.
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