Department of Information Technology

Computer accounts

Rules and policies

See the rules and policies to be observed when using the computers at the Department of Information Technology.

About your new computer account at the Department of Information Technology

Here follow answers to certain common questions concerning your computer account at the Department of Information Technology (IT department). Make an effort to read them through, and save this document for future reference.

System support staff

To obtain assistance using our computers, you should normally use the support request web form. You can there learn how to submit a support request in 30 seconds.

If the web form is unavailable to you, and you can't find a solution to your problem by reading our Frequently Asked Questions page (perhaps because you can't even log in), please visit the system manager at ITC building 4, floor 1, room 4118b.


when you activated your account at the university you received a password called A. In your user profile you can also create a second password to your university account. This is called password B.

Password A is used to log in to the Student portal, to connect to the wireless network UpUnet-S and to read email through webmail. To read email with a client program employees use password A and student password B. Password B is also used for connecting to the wireless network Eduroam.

To log in to the computer labs use password A. To be able to use the unix labs (the unix system) a separate account need to be created but you use password A.The account is normally created in the beginning of the education/ course but can also be requested in room 4118b in building 4 at ITC.

If you have forgotten password A you can reset it on the university activation page

Web pages

You may create your own public web pages, with for an address. Put the code for your first page in a file named index.html in your public_html subdirectory to your home directory on our Unix systems.

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