Department of Information Technology

Getting support

What is a support request

A support request may be submitted to get help resolving a problem, but it could also be used to suggest an improvement, to ask a simple question, or something else. You should make your request using a Web form. Continue to Support request where you will find further instructions. You have in principle three options for aiming your request; at system staff, at the website maintenance group, or at Uppsala University IT Support. If you don't know where to send your request, send it to system staff and we will give you further directions as necessary.

If you decide to send your request to us, you will be presented with a login form:


Enter your username (four letters and four digits) plus your Password A. You will then be presented with the following form:


Select the type of ticket ("component") you think best describes your request, enter a brief subject line and a more detailed explanation of your problem, in Swedish or English as you prefer. Press Commit to send your request to us. We will then keep you informed via Bugzilla (you will be notified via e-mail whenever your ticket is updated).

Ticket types

Any questions from administrative staff
Bärbara datorer
Portable computers, their network access and other problems
Any requests concerning the PC labs
Questions concerning the Systems and Control process control lab
Skrivare & kopiatorer
Printing problems
Any questions from the Science and Technology Studies Center
Unix software and hardware problems
Any requests concerning the UPPMAX facilities
Other requests, when none of the above applies
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