Department of Information Technology

Student counsellor responsibilities

In the unix labs users use password A to log in. But computer accounts need to be created before using the unix system for the first time.
The student counsellors at the IT Department and other departments with students using our unix computer systems (Technology, Information Science, ...) are expected to compile a list of programme codes for all programmes involving courses being given here, well in advance of the beginning of the semester. If additional courses are being given besides the programmes, their codes are to be listed as well. Foreign students, latecomers etc. must be listed with names and personal ID numbers (by the teacher, the director of studies or other staff member responsible for the student in question).

Computer accounts will not be created unless system staff are notified about the codes.

Teacher responsibilities

Usually, student accounts have already been created. In the case of a separate course where a majority of students is likely not to have been assigned accounts, the course code must be sent to system staff well in advance of the beginning of the course (see above). As an alternative, a list with names and personal ID numbers can be sent via e-mail (in this case, also contact the recipient in person for confirmation).

Reasons for delay

We will extract information on registered students from Uppdok, but it takes one working day before new registrations can be used for creating computer accounts. The student also need to activate his/her university account. This can be done in room 4118b or at the reception desk in building 3 at Polacksbacken.
Although creating accounts is usually a straightforward process, please notify us well in advance before you need the accounts, to allow us to schedule the tasks assigned to us.

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