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Sun Ray

Using USB devices on Sun Ray terminals

  • Connect the device
    • Insert your USB drive.
    • It will be automatically mounted under /tmp/SUNWut/mnt/<username> where <username> is your username.
  • Accessing the device
    • If You are running the desktop system Gnome (most of You):
      • Accessing the files
        • Choose "System Tools" from the start meny => "Thumb Drive Utility" => a new window will open.
        • To work with the files on the USB drive:
          mark the line that starts with "View-disk ..." and klick on "Ok".
      • Remove the device
        • Mark the line that starts with "Remove ..." and klick "Ok".
  • ALternative (in terminal window)
  • Run /opt/SUNWut/bin/utdiskadm -l to get a list of all your mounted devices. Ex:
Device Partition Mount Path
disk1 disk1p0 /tmp/SUNWut/mnt/karomalm/unnamed
  • Accessing the files
  • Example: ls /tmp/SUNWut/mnt/karomalm/unnamed
    ls /tmp/SUNWut/mnt/karomalm/disk1
    (if it is mounted as disk1)
  • Disconnect the device
  • If you have a CD-/DVD-ROM first eject the media with
    /opt/SUNWut/bin/utdiskadm -e disk1
    (if it is mounted as disk1)
  • Unmount your device with
    /opt/SUNWut/bin/utdiskadm -r disk1
    (if it is mounted as disk1)

Keys and configuration

  • Access Sun Ray configurator
Shift + Props
  • Terminate current session (kills X-server)
Ctrl + Alt + BackSpace + Backspace
  • Reset Sun Ray (does not reset current session).
Ctrl + Power (the moon in the upper right corner)
  • Mute audio
  • Decrease volume
  • Increase volume

Some of the key sequencies might not work depending on your window-manager and personal settings you are using. If this is the case you have to start the applications manually.

  • Access Sun Ray configurator
  • Audio settings
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