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Audiovisual equipment

Stationary equipment

Most lecture rooms in buildings 1, 2 and 6 are equipped with video projectors mounted in the ceiling, with loudspeakers on the wall. There are projectors also in a few conference rooms.

To use the projector, press the "PC" button on the control panel next to the blackboard, and connect your computer using the cables (power, video and audio) available at the lecturer's desk. Then start your computer, letting it automatically detect the video parameters of the projector.

If the "PC" indicator is already lit, but the projector lamp is off, then the projector has timed out due to lack of video signal. The panel will reset itself after a few hours, but in order to use the projector immediately, press the "OFF" button, wait for the panel to stop blinking, and then press "PC" again.

Problems with projectors in lecture rooms (incl. OH-projectors), contact:

  • Thomas Hillgren, mobil 070-425 03 02
  • Mats Wittmar, mobil 070-425 06 81
  • E-post:
Room Seats Model Note
1111 90 Mitsubishi XL550U
1112 30 Epson EMP-83He
1113 30 Epson EMP-83He
1145 30 Epson EMP-83He
1146 30 Epson EMP-83He
1211 90 Epson EB-84He
1212 30 Epson EMP-83He
1213 30 Epson EMP-83He
1245 30 Epson EMP-83He
1311 90 Mitsubishi EX100U
1345 14 Epson EMP-83He Conference room
1412 30 Epson EB-84e Student lab; two projectors
2145 32 Epson EMP-83He
2146 134 Epson EB-84He
2214 32 Epson EMP-83He
2215 32 Epson EMP-83He
2244 32 Epson EMP-83He
2245 32 Epson EMP-83He
2247 130 Mitsubishi EX100U
2344 16 Epson EMP-83He
2345 16 Epson EMP-83He
2347 94 Mitsubishi EX100U
2415b 12 Epson EMP-83He Conference room
2446 64 Epson EMP-83He
6102 14 Epson EMP-83He
6111 32 Epson EMP-83He
6140 90 Hitachi CP-A100
6143 16 Epson EMP-83He Conference room

All projector models have a native resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels.

Epson EMP-83He

Most rooms are equipped with this projector model.

Epson EB-84e

The combined computer lab and lecture room 1412 has two projectors and corresponding display screens.

Epson EB-84He

Rooms 1211 and 2146 are equipped with this projector model.


In order to reduce wear on the delicate floor connectors and simplify user access, cables (power and video, as well as computer network and audio where available) have been permanently installed at the lecturer's desk. Use the cables you need, but never disconnect them in the floor connector end, as the video cables have been chosen to match the projector specifications.

Portable equipment

There are a number of portable video projectors, laptop computers and a loudspeaker telephone to borrow. Unless otherwise noted, portable equipment is stored in room 4118b and can be borrowed by employed staff only.

Connecting computers to projectors

The stationary and portable projectors available are of different models and age. Connecting various computers to them and getting an acceptable picture can thus sometimes be a bit of a challenge. Here are some hints towards making it work.

In general, while the projectors can deal with a wide range of display parameters, they work best when provided with a video signal matching their native resolution, which is 1024 x 768 pixels.

Apple Macintosh

  • By default, some Apple Macintosh models and operating system versions, including the Apple MacBook Pro laptop available for borrowing, treat the internal display and external projectors as two independent devices, showing different parts of your desktop. To have the picture on the internal display be sent also to the projector, go to System Preferences -> Hardware -> Displays -> Arrangement and mark the Mirror Displays option.
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