Department of Information Technology

High Performance Computers at Information Technology


At the Department of Information Technology, Uppsala University, there are currently no parallel high-performance computer (HPC) systems in operation. For HPC systems, available through UPPMAX, please see UPPMAX webpage where you will find more information.

Older HPC computers, decommissioned

Server Description
Ngorongoro The main HPC system, installed in December 2001. A SunFire 15k with 48 processors and 48 GByte memory. Theoretical peak performance is 86.4 Gflop/s.
Hagrid A Linux cluster, installed in December 2003 as a part of Swegrid. The system consists of 100 PC, interconnected with 1 GBit Ethernet.
Ra A cluster of computers, running Linux. Installed in may 2005, and consists of 99 nodes (64 with 2 CPUs, 32 with 4 CPUs and 3 with 4 dualcore CPUs) with a high speed interconnect, InfiniBand.
Albireo An HPC computer with a unique architecture, installed 1999. A Sun WildFire system with 32 processors and 6 GByte memory. Theoretical peak performance is 16 Gflop/s.
Yggdrasil An older HPC system, installed 1996. Three interconnected DEC Server 8200, with in total 12 processors and 3 GByte memory. Theoretical peak performance is 7.2 Gflop/s.
Grendel A Linux cluster, installed in May 2001 in collaboration with NSC. The system consists of 16 PC, interconnected with 100 MBit Ethernet. Theoretical peak performance is 32 Gflop/s.


At the Department of Scientific Computing (TDB), high-performance computing is used as integrated part of much of the research in algorithm and program development. There are also a number of research projects dealing directly with issues in the HPC field, some of which are performed in collaboration with the UART research group at the Department of Computer Systems.


Each year, a large number of courses in different undergraduate programs use the HPC systems. Furthermore, a number of advanced, graduate level courses are given regularly.

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