Department of Information Technology

Project labs and computers

Project Computers

Due to university rules, you must sign a paper before you will receive a desktop computer from the department system support staff.

From system support, you will be provided with:

  • PC (stationary Dell)
  • Power cable
  • Screen (Flat Screen if possible)
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Ethernet cable

Each group should appoint one person as the single point of contact between the group and system support.

Operating System

  • For Lego NXT the most tools are availble if you run Windows, but you may also find tools that runs under Linux.


For security reasons, you can not just plug in an arbitrary computer to the wired network. Before you will be allowed to use the network you must report the hardware address (MAC) of the network card to the system support.

  • Therefore, you must compile a list with UpUnet-S user names and MAC addresses. This list should be submitted to the system support staff using this Bugzilla template.
  • Not all ethernet sockets in rooms P4407 and P4408 are connected, only odd numbered sockets in the range 4019 - 4069 and socket number 4068 and 4070 are connected to the network.
  • All sockets in the rooms P4410 and P4411 are connected to the network.
  • Sockets marked with Txxx are reserved for telephone.
  • There is currently no support for IPV6, read here for more information.

Here you find a description on how to get MAC address using Linux.

Student software

  • See this page for software available for students at this department.

Returning the computers

At the end of the course you must give the computers back to system support. But, wait a minute... Before you continue:

  • Make sure you have handed in all code and other files regarding your project.


To make sure the hard drive is completely empty and to check the status of the whole computer you should go through the following steps:

  • Download and burn a copy of the Ultimate Boot CD from here.
  • Slot in the Universal Boot CD and reboot the machine from the CD. If the CD won't boot you must enter the BIOS during the reboot and make sure the CD is first in the boot sequence.
  • From the CD menu, select and run (one of) the Hard Disk Wiping Tools.
  • Reboot again.
  • From the CD menu, select System Information tools and start PC-info.

Hand in (when the course ends)

The following steps are needed to return the computer.

  • NOTE: You must leave the computer in the lab. Do not unplug any cables. The monitor and the keyboard must be connected to the computer.
  • If you signed out at computer you must come the project room P4407 or P4409 (Date still to be decided).
  • You will be asked to run the Ultimate Boot CD again and run the PC-info program.
  • System administrator Henrik Hedlund will then check the computer.
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