Department of Information Technology
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Video Conference

  • Room 2414b is equipped with a professional Video Conference and can be booked in TimeEdit. You book Room ITC/2414b and Video Equipment separately.
    • Choose area ITC and our equipment name is Videokonferens, mobil ITC
    • i.e. you need to book video conference AND the room to have guaranteed access to the video equipment.
  • You may have the equipment temporally moved if you need to have your conference in another room. If so, please contact systems support in good time before the meeting and we'll take care of the transport. IF, you decide to move it yourself: Please be careful! and remember to bring it back, or, even better: notify Systems support on where it can be found.
  • Need to have your video conference in a completely different place? Here is some alternative places at Uppsala University and on our campus on Gotland.
  • Remote control:

How to use it:

  • Just press the green Phoneicon
  • Choose telephonebook if its somewhere in UU or SLU
  • Choose room
  • When the meeting is finished, just press the red phoneicon for like 5 seconds, choose go to sleepmode
  • Need to show something on your computer? Choose PC icon at the top.
  • If you need help the first times just to kick-on the meeting, put in a Bugzilla, tell date and time

Please tell us in good time before meeting, like 5 days before.


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