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Installation and configuration advice

There are lots of utilities available as free software, not only for the GNU/Linux platform but also for Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh (MacOS). In addition to that, you may have use for certain non-free software products (meaning you are not allowed to distribute copies of them yourself or use them for applications beyond what the license allows). Here we will try to give you some hints and advice on what you should install on your own computer to achieve a basic working environment.

Microsoft Windows

Product Purpose License Availability Notes
Windows 7 Operating system MSDNAA,Dreamspark Download Highly recommended
Forefront Security MSDNAA,Dreamspark Download Highly recommended
Adobe Reader Read PDF files EULA Download Not needed if Acrobat is already installed
Adobe Flash View Flash content EULA Download
Firefox Web browser MPL (free) Download
Thunderbird E-mail MPL (free) Download
Java Running Java programs EULA Download
PuTTY Tray Remote login to UNIX MIT (free) Download
Xming X server for Windows BSD, MIT (free) Download Can be used in conjunction with PuTTY
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