Department of Information Technology


(For Windows, MacOS and Linux)

The faculty of Science and Technology has a campus license with standalone installations (can be run without internet access). Simulink and many toolboxes are included and there is no extra charge for installing or using the program.


Follow the installation instructions on the Matlab support page under Installation instructions -> Staff standalone installation (Login required).

Update message: licence expires in NN days

If you have installed according to the instructions above, each year the matlab license will expire. When you get the warning message "license will expire in NN days", then please select the menu item "Help->Licensing->Update current licenses..." and follow the update instructions. Finally, restart matlab and the message should have disappeared.
To extend an expired license:
Click here for instructions (the instructions are written for students, but it also applies to employees).
You'll need to have network connection during reactivation.

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