Department of Information Technology

Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching

The university has an agreement with Microsoft to make Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching (previously named "Microsoft Imagine", "Dreamspark" and "MSDNAA") available for all students and employees.
To access the software, you have to login to the

Uppsala University MS Azure Dev Tools for Teaching site

Software available

Most of Microsoft operating-systems and development tools are available for free.
Please note that MS Office is not available through Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching.

The software is available for secure download through the Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching site.
Secure download requires Windows. You can not download software from macOS or Linux.

Employees can currently borrow some of the software on CD/DVD:s.


Software is provided on an as is basis. The university makes no warranty or assurances that the software borrowed by the students will work in the manner the student expects. Software is installed at the student's own risk! If a student is uncomfortable installing software on his/her personal computer, then they should not borrow the software.


Q: I keep getting corrupt files when I try to download the files.
A: You might have to temporary deactivate any software-firewalls running on your machine during the download.

Q: If my download times out or I get disconnected, how do I continue my software download and installation?
A: If you were in the middle of downloading the software itself, there will be a shortcut icon saved on your desktop that will allow you to resume your download. Double-click on the icon to begin again. If you don't see the shortcut icon on your computer desktop, you should use the "Request customer support" function in the Support section.

Q: I don't have a CD/DVD-burner, how can I install without creating a CD.
A: You can use a CD-emulator like MagicISO Virtual CD, IsoBuster, DAEMON Tools or Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel from Microsoft.

Q: I want Office (Word/Excel), but I can't find it for free on Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching.
A: Office is not available through Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching, you have to buy Office.

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