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Algorithms and data structures I (1DL210), 2011


20111110: The reexam has been scheduled to 20120111. Register here.
20111107: Due to popular demand, the exam results are now also available in Studentportalen, in a File Area named Results Lists.
20111107: The exam is corrected and the results are posted outside the student office.
20111024: The fourth assingment can now be collected in the same way as the previous ones.
20111012: Course evaluation form now available.
20111013: The results from the second assignment are now available in Studentportalen.
20111011: The third assignment is now corrected, and the results are available in Studentportalen. Physical copies will be available at the guest lecture. The second assignment is not yet corrected.
20111009: The exam will be in Polacksbackens skrivsal, 08:00 to 13:00
20111009: Note that the Guest lecture has been relocated to Ångström, Å10134
20111008: Another example exam now added.
20111002: Fourth assigment is now online.
20111001: Due to popular demand, the tutorial on Monday 3rd will be repeated 17:00-19:00, so that people with scheduling problems still can attend.
20110921: Corrected assignments are in a binder, located opposite of 1421. It is marked AD1 2011.
20110921: Third assigment is now online.
20110914: Questions about the second assignment should be directed to Jari Stenman, by email or by visiting 1421
20110912: I will have office hours (room 1453) on Wednesday (20110914) at 14:15-15:00 and 17:00-18:00.
20110912: The slides from the tutorial are now available, as well as the TeX source of the first assignment.
20110907: The assignments are now online.
First Lecture: Introduction. Monday, 29 August, room 1211.

Course Evaluation



Date Time Room Type Content Reading List Slides
29/8 10-12 1211 Lecture Introduction - Insertion Sort. L1
30/8 13-15 1111 Lecture Time Complexity. Asymptotic Notations. L2
1/9 13-15 1111 Lecture Divide-and-Conquer. Merge Sort. L3
8/9 10-12 1211 Lecture Heaps, Heapsort. L4
12/9 13-15 1211 Tutorial Asymptotics, Algorithm Analysis, Invariants Assignment 1 Slides
15/9 13-15 1211 Lecture Priority Queues, QuickSort. L5
16/9 8-10 1211 Tutorial Sorting. Assignment 2 Slides
19/9 10-12 1211 Lecture QuickSort (cont.), Sorting in Linear Time. L6
21/9 13-15 1211 Lecture Sorting in Linear Time. Hashing. L7
27/9 10-12 1211 Lecture Hash Tables. L8
28/9 13-15 1211 Lecture Binary Search Trees. L9
30/9 13-15 1211 Lecture Graph Algorithms - Breadth-First Search L10
3/10 13-15 1211 Tutorial Algorithm Analysis, Hash Tables, Trees Assignment 3 Slides
3/10 17-19 1211 Tutorial Repeat of 13-15 tutorial from same day Assignment 3 Slides
6/10 10-12 1211 Lecture Graph Algorithms (Cont.) L11
7/10 13-15 1211 Lecture Strongly Connected Components L12
7/10 15-17 1211 Tutorial Binary Search Trees, Graph Algorithms. Assignment 4 Slides
10/10 13-15 1211 Tutorial Exam Questions, in particular from this exam Example exam
12/10 10-12 Å10134: Polhemssalen Guest Lecture Heradon Douglas, Google: CS in practice
14/10 8-13 ((http://katalog.uu.se/map/sv_karta_7/?languageId=3| Polacksbacken, hus 5)) Written exam

Any questions about the course should primarily be directed to Jonathan Cederberg or Jari Stenman. Always use your student account (@student.uu.se) when corresponding with teachers.


Written exam, plus mandatory assignments. The assignments might also give bonus points for the exam.

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