Department of Information Technology

AD1 Exam

There is an individual, written, closed-book exam at the end of the course, where you can only bring pencils & eraser and possibly a paper dictionary, but no electronic devices.

  • A mark of at least 50% of the points earns 4 higher-education credit points (4 hp). A mark of 86% to 100% of the points earns a 5 passing grade; a mark of 71% to 85% of the points earns a 4 passing grade; a mark of 50% to 70% points earns a 3 passing grade; and a mark of 0% to 49% of the points earns a U failure grade.

These rules are effective as of 15 March 2010. The instructor reserves the right to modify them at any moment, should special circumstances call for this.

The next exam is on Wednesday 25 August 2010 from 08:00 to 11:00 in Polacksbacken Skrivsal (ITC house 5).

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