Department of Information Technology

Advanced Computer Science Studies in Sweden

Continuous assessment.

The requirements and assignments will be mailed here.

Assignment 1. Fill in the questionnaire concerning your start in Uppsala. Do this during the lab om August 29.

Project management:
Links to group project home pages:
Group 1 -
Group 2 -
Group 3 -
Group 4 -
Group 5 -
Group 6 -
Group 7 -

Instructions on how to present your project on Friday

Each group gets 15 minutes to present their projects. There is a projector to connect your laptop to, or if you do not have a laptop to use, please e-mail the presentation to . Here are a couple of hints on how you should structure your presentation.

o Note that the oral presentation on Friday is MANDATORY.
o Make sure that everybody in the group is active in the presentation
o Very shortly present the result of your project (the web site you have produced)
o Share your experiences of the project work, what was successful and what did not work very well

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