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This page has still not been updated for 2013

Advanced Computer Architecture 2012: Assignments


  • has been updated to link to my pin version instead of downloading pin.
  • Linux login: You need to use passwordless login to access the linux server (, or use the command linuxlogin.
  • Disk Quata: The student disk quata is only 50MB, but pin requires more than that. After the is done. Do rm -r avdark/pin*; ln -s /home/andse541/avdark/pin /home/<user_id>/avdark/pin.

Office Hours

Andreas Sembrant:
I will be available, in my office (P1210), to answer questions about the labs and hand-ins between 13:00 and 14:30 on lab weeks and until 17:30 after the lab lecture.

You are, of course, welcome to send questions by email or book an appointment if you want to setup a meeting outside of the published office hours.

Mahdad Davari:
I will be available in my office during Lab Preparation sessions. Please email me if you need to book a meeting outside those hours. You are always welcome to email me in case you have questions about the course, hand-in assignments, or laboratory assignments.

Mandatory Labs

All labs are mandatory. You will earn extra credit for the exam if you finish a lab during the lab session and complete the extra bonus tasks. Bonus credits for the exam will not be awarded to solutions handed in after the lab session.

Optional Assignments

The optional assignments will appear shortly before the first lecture in the block they belong to.

Handins assignments are not mandatory, but are highly recommended. You will get bonus on the exam if you hand in the assignments before deadline. There may be an oral examination on some of the handins.

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