Computer Assisted Image Analysis

Spring 2006

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Patrick Karlsson, phone: 4717004 email:
Magnus Gedda, phone: 4717004 email:
Hamid Sarve (labs), phone: 4713471 email:


The course will start on wednesday March 22, 13:00 in 2114.
Schedule with lecture notes.

Computer exercises (labs)

Computer Exercise 1 : Introduction
Exercise in IMP. Report orally during the lab session or hand in a written report before lab 2 (10/5).

Computer Exercise 2 : Segmentation
Exercise using Matlab. Hand in written before lab 3 (18/5).

Computer Exercise 3 : Classification
Exercise in IMP. Hand in written report before the exam (29/5).

Assignments for the 5p version of the course

The assignments can be solved in groups (max 2 pers/group) and should be handed in or sent by email to one of the lecturers. The assignments are mandatory for all students taking the 5p course! The assignments will be added here after each lecture.

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Assignment status

Here you can find the current assignment status.

More image analysis:

Literature for the course

Gonzalez, R & Woods, R.:
Digital Image Processing,
2nd ed., Prentice Hall, 2002.

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