Computer Assisted Image Analysis

Spring 2007

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Patrick Karlsson, phone: 4717004, email:
Magnus Gedda, phone: 4713463, email:
Maria Axelsson (labs), phone: 4713462, email:


The course will start on Monday March 26.
Schedule with lecture notes.

Computer exercises

Computer Exercise 1 : Introduction

Computer Exercise 2 : Segmentation

Computer Exercise 3 : Classification

Problem oriented projects

Projects and schedule for supervision.
Project reports due Monday May 21.

Assignment status

Here you can find the current assignment status.

Old exams

Here you can find some old exams.
Mathematics Handbook and calculator will be allowed on the exam

More image analysis:

Literature for the course

Gonzalez, R & Woods, R.:
Digital Image Processing,
2nd ed., Prentice Hall, 2002.

Responsible for the course and webpage: Carolina Wählby Centre for Image Analysis