Department of Information Technology

Testing Concurrent and Parallel Software, 2017 (1DL570)

Lectures & Slides

Lecture Topics Slides
0 (20-Mar) Course Overview testing-course-overview.pdf
1 (20-Mar) Introduction to Concurrency Errors testing-module1-lecture1.pdf
2 (21-Mar) A Survey of Methods for Preventing Race Conditions testing-module1-lecture2.pdf
3 (28-Mar) Learning from Mistakes: A Study of Concurrency Bug Characteristics testing-module1-lecture3.pdf
4 (29-Mar) Lab: Hands-On Session with Tools for Detecting Data Races (ThreadSanitizer, DRD, and Helgrind)
5 (4-Apr) Model Checking: Intro testing-module2-lecture1.pdf
5 (4-Apr) Modeling Concurrent Systems testing-module2-lecture2.pdf
5 (4-Apr) Model Checking: Exercises 1 testing-module2-exercises1.pdf
6 (5-Apr) Modeling Concurrent Systems testing-module2-lecture3.pdf
7 (10-Apr) Model Checking: Fairness, temporal logic, etc. testing-module2-lecture4.pdf
8 (11-Apr) Model Checking: Exercises 2 testing-module2-exercises2.pdf
... ... ...
15 (16-May) Introduction to Concolic Testing testing-module5-lecture1.pdf
16 (17-May) Lab: Concolic Testing with CutEr slides from a talk
17 (23-May) Symbolic Execution and Search Strategies testing-module5-lecture3.pdf

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