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Department of Information Technology

Computer Architecture 1 (Distance), Fall 2012

(5hp, Period 2, 1DT016, Register for UU-11220)

Instructor: David Black-Schaffer (Office Hours: ?, P1240)
Teaching Assistant: Muneeb Khan (Office Hours: ?, P1549)
Textbook: "Computer Organization & Design: The Hardware/Software Interface." Patterson and Hennesy. Revised 4th Edition, Morgan Kaufman 2007. (Earlier editions than the 4th edition do not contain the right material.)
Course Information: (in Swedish) This course will be provided online with the exception of the last review lecture before the final exam.

Goals: Describe function and construction of a computers components including control, memory and I/O system. Write simple assembly programs.
Contents: Von Neumann systems; RISC and CISC architectures; assembly programming; program execution and control; memory organization; I/O systems; CPU construction.
Teaching: Online lectures, follow up problems, lab assignments, a final exam, and possibly quizzes.
Language: Lectures will be in English, but students are free to ask questions in Swedish.

More detailed information about the course is available in the Course Syllabus.

Lectures, assignments, and online discussions are available through Canvas.

Course Syllabus
Lecture 1: Introduction
Lecture 1: Introduction to Execution
Lecture 2: ISA 1
Lecture 3: ISA 2
Lecture 4: Arithmetic
Lecture 5: Logic
Lecture 6: Processor
Lecture 7: Pipelining
Lecture 8: Hazards
Lecture 9: Branch Prediction
Lecture 10: IO
Lecture 11: Caches
Lecture 12: Virtual Memory
Lecture 13: Parallelism

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