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Department of Information Technology

Computer Architecture 1, Fall 2011

(5hp, Period 2, 1DT038, Register for UU-11210)

Instructor: David Black-Schaffer (Office Hours: Friday 10-12, P1240)
Teaching Assistants: Muneeb Khan (Office Hours: Monday 9-11, P1549), Andreas Sembrant (Office Hours: Wednesday 15-17, P1549)
Textbook: "Computer Organization & Design: The Hardware/Software Interface." Patterson and Hennesy. 4th Edition, Morgan Kaufman 2007. (3rd edition is fine.)
Course Information: (in Swedish)

Goals: Describe function and construction of a computers components including control, memory and I/O system. Write simple assembly programs.
Contents: Von Neumann systems; RISC and CISC architectures; assembly programming; program execution and control; memory organization; I/O systems; CPU construction.
Teaching: Lectures, lab assignments, a final exam, and possibly homework assignments and quizzes.
Language: Lectures will be in English, but students are free to ask questions in Swedish.


The first lecture is on 26 October from 13.15-15.00 in Pol 2245
Lecture Dates and Exam

Please see the course syllabus for detailed schedule, grading, lab, and honor code information.

Lecture Contents
1 Overview and Introduction to Processors and Numbers
2 Instruction Set Architectures 1
3 Instruction Set Architectures 2
4 Arithmetic and Integer Numbers (More Floating Point Details)
5 Digital Logic
6 Performance
7 Datapath 1: Single-cycle
8 Datapath 2: Mult-cycle
9 Datapath 3: Exceptions and Pipelining
10 Datapath 4: Pipelining Implementation
11 I/O
12 Memories
13 Caches
14 Virtual Memory 1: Address Translation
15 Virtual Memory 2: TLBs and Caches
16 Review

Please feel free to contact the teaching staff with any questions.

Lab Assignments

Lab Assigned Due
1 MIPS Assembly 2-Nov 9-Nov
2 Adder and ALU 9-Nov 16-Nov
3 Data Path 16-Nov 28-Nov
4 Interrupt I/O 30-Nov 7-Dec
5 Memory Mapped I/O 7-Dec 14-Dec

Lab instructions, tutorials, and details can be found on the studentportalen page. All assignments are due at midnight on the due date and must be submitted electronically through studentportalen.


The results of the student course and exam evaluations are now available.
David's office hours are moving to Friday mornings.
Update on the schedule. The SPIM/MIPS tutorial will be tomorrow as scheduled 15.15-17.00 in Pol 2244. The logic review will be on Wed 9 Nov 15.15-17.00 in Pol 1549D.

With regards to the labs, they will be posted on studentportalen shortly. The first assignment is the MIPS assembly. There is a 4 part tutorial online which you should go through after the tutorial session tomorrow. The logic lab also has a tutorial which you should go through before that lab.

The first lab (MIPS assembly) will be assigned on 2-Nov and due at midnight on 9-Nov. The second lab (ALU and adder) will be assigned on 9-Nov and due at midnight on 16-Nov as listed in the first lecture notes.

If you do not have a lab partner please email us and we'll try to find one for you.
The exam solutions and results are available.

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