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Department of Information Technology

Computer architecture Period 3 (1DT016 and 1TT441)

News :

  • 2008-03-15 - Extra exam booked for April 2nd. If you did not receive a mail then mail
  • 2008-03-06 - Extra lab session on the 2008-03-07! Don't forget that!
  • 2008-02-28 - Assignment deadlines are set !!
  • 2008-02-28 - Lab completion deadline extended !!
  • 2008-02-18 - Assignment pages updated !!
  • 2008-02-08 - Lab deadlines extended by a week. Rules updated.
  • 2008-02-08 - Lab deadlines are set
  • 2008-02-04 - Schedule updated: New extra lab session on Friday 2008-03-07
  • 2008-01-17 - Web pages up and running!

Course material

  • The course will be based on the book by Andrew S. Tanenbaum. Structuered Computer Organization fourth edition.
  • For lab and assignments we recommend the book by John Waldrom. Introduction to RISC Assembly Language Programming.
Lecture Topic and Link to Slides
1 Introduction to the course
2 Introduction to the MIPS processor and simple arithmetic
3 MIPS memory organisation
4 Making Decisions and if we have time we will start on functions, stacks and register conventions
5 Continue the previous lecture on functions stakcs and register conventions
6 Processor Implementation
7 Processor Implementation Pipelines
8 I/O
9 Caches and Virtual Memory

Lab and assignments

  • Checkout this page for more guidance on labs and assignments.
  • Submission and corrections will be handled by the Course Manager. Details on how to register in the system are given here.
  • The lab and the first assignment are compulsory for both instances of the course (1DT016 and 1TT441).
  • The second assignment is compulsory only for students taking the 1DT016 instance.
Compulsory Lab
Compulsory Assignments

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