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Department of Information Technology

Home Page of DARK2 2007


Computer Architecture A Quantitative Approach Hennessy/Pattersson Morgan Kaufmann 4th edition.


Erik Hagersten gives most lectures and is responsible for the course
Frédéric Haziza is responsible for the laborations and the hand-ins
Jakob Carlström guest lecturer in network processors
Sverker Holmgren guest lecturer in parallel programming
Dan Ekblom guest lecturer Simics and Gauss-Seidel

Mandatory Assignments

There are two lab assignments that all partitipants have to complete before a hard deadline.
If you are following the MN2 version of the course you'll also have to write a
"Microporcessor Report" paper about a specific computer system and/or CPU chip or do an
extra Microbenchmark lab on your own

Optional Assignments

Thera are three (optional) hand-in assignments : Memory, CPU, Multiprocessors. You will get extra credit (8p) on the exam for each hand-in that is completed [with a reasonable accury] before the announced hard deadlines. You can also complete extra assignments during the two labs and earn extra credits (total 8p)
If you complete all of theses optional assignments, you will be guaranteed 32p out of 64p. 32p is needed for passing. The credits are "valid" for this years ordinary exam and the following exams at Easter and August but will expire thereafter.


Written exam at the end of the course. No books are allowed.

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