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Feel free to mail Anders Berglund with questoins or comments at any time

Content: The content of the report is selected individually or in pairs (recomended) by the participants. The possible topics are only restricted by the aims of the course, and by the supervising competence of the UpCERG research team.

As examples of possible projects can be mentioned: A smaller statistical study of a relevant question in CS Education at UU; an interview study, informally conducted, on CS teachers and/or CS students experience of a relevant question; development of a pedagogically relevant lab; any questions concerning exhange/Master students situation in Uppsala, this can be studied in many ways; how should project work/labs be developped to suit the expectations of all students, including those of a non-Swedish origine; litterature overview on particular topics in CSEd; development of a course in a topic within CS; preparation of some teaching (some lectures) in a course in CS.

Working plan: Discuss your ideas to a project, by mail or in person (meeting times will be announced in the yahoo group) with Anders. When you and Anders agree on the project, write a summary of what you plan to do (a maximum of 20 lines, preferably shorter). You will get a supervisor within the UpCERG team.

If you have problems finding project ideas, please discuss with Anders.

Supervision: You can always contact your supervisor within the UpCERG team

Estimated work-load: The project work is expected to correspond to half the workload of the course. The workload cannot be expressed in number of pages in the final report, since the large variation in the possible tasks leads to differently arranged reports.

Possibilities: Particularly good projects will be invited to submit to national, Nordic and international research conferences in Computing Education.

Dead-line: A meeting will be held Jan 17. At this meeting the project should be presented and discussed. The final report must be submitted Feb 1.

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