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Computer Science Education


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When What Who Comments/ Literature/ Assignments
Part 1. Introduction.
12/9 Course presentation. Introduction to Computer Science Education (CSEd) Research and Computer Science Didactics Anders Berglund Slides, F&P, Ben-David Kolikant, 2005, Karavirta, Korhonen, Malmi, 2005,
21/9 Classifying CSEd Research Arnold Pears Slides from 2006, for orientation only, F&P,Goldweber et al., Pears et al., Clancy et al. (only pp 336 - 341 are relevant) Simon classification 2007 Slides
24/9 Researching students' learning of computer science Anders Berglund Slides, F&P, Berglund, Daniels and Pears 2006,|Berglund and Eckerdal
26/9 Approaches to CER Arnold Pears Slides from 2006, for orientation only, F&P, Valentine
3/10 Lab. how do students understand 'object' and 'class'. Lab on phenomenography Anders Berglund
10/10 Lecture Anders Berglund Cancelled
12/10 Discussion seminars, learning computer science. What can we say? In what ways can we find out? What can we do? UpCERG research team Instructions and timings for the seminar are distributed by mail. Lister et al., Wiedenbeck, Ben-Ari, Berglund & Wiggberg
Part 2. Hot topics in Computer Science Education.
7/11 Topic: Introductory programming. Anna Eckerdal, Anders Berglund powerpoint presentation
14/11 Topic: Statistical studies. Judy Sheard Sheard & Dick,Sheard, Markham & Dick
19/11 Topic: The CS teacher. Computer Science teachers as amateurs, students and researchers Raymond Lister the paper
6/12 Topic: Pedagogy. Teaching Computer Science Anders Berglund slides, Wu, Dell & Bethel, Lister, Berglund et al.
7/12 Topic: Gender Issues. Gender issues in CSEd Lecia Barker Paper distributed by mail
Part 3. Projects
Projects are selected individually or in small groups approx Nov 7. Councelling on individual projects by UpCERG research team
17/1 Project discussions UpCERG research team

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