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Department of Information Technology

Computer Networking (distance course) Spring 2005


  • 20051216 Send an e-mail to Arnold to book a time to demonstrate your assignment, if you have not already had a result registered. Demonstrations are handled by IRC, see the Exam page for server and chat room details (We will use the #datakom_distans channel).

Teacher: Arnold Pears

  • The first lecture in the course is at Polacksbacken in room 1245 on the 1st of April at 13.15.
  • Textbook is Kurose and Ross, either the second or third edition.

The course structure this year is designed to make the course easier for distance students to take.
To kick off the course we have a series of lectures, seminars and laboratory introduction sessions on the Polacksbacken Campus of Uppsala University on the 1st and 2nd of April. The remainder of the course will be conducted online as a series of online seminars and discussions that will be conducted using the Internet Relay Chat (IRC) tool and the online course forum.

  • Course laboratory exercises are worth 2 points. See the laboratory page for more details.
  • The theory part of the course is worth 3 points, and is assessed via online examination. These examinations will take 1 hour and can cover any part of the course material.

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