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Department of Information Technology

Datakommunikation I - HT05

Thank you for your effort during the course!

  • Lecturer Christian Rohner, email, room P1421, phone 471 3158
  • Litterature Computer Networking: a Top-Down Approach Featuring the Internet by James F. Kurose and Keith W. Ross, third edition, ISBN 0-321-26976-4, Addison-Wesley 2004 (or second edition, 2002, ISBN 0-201-97699-4).
  • Examination Homework, Labs, Seminar
    • Homework (H): You have to submit all three homeworks and have at most one grade "C" (a homework is only considered to be submitted if an effort is visible). Optional questions are not graded. The grades are as following:
      • A: you solved most exercises correct.
      • B: you solved a "fair share" of the questions correct. (Homework 1: ca 50%).
      • C: you had problems in answering the majority of the questions.
    • Lab (L): You have to pass both labs. The requirements are announced in the lab description.
    • Seminar (S): You have to attend the seminar. The grades are as following:
      • A: you did an excelent presentation and/or actively participated in the discussions.
      • B: you did a good presentation.
      • C: I hope it will not happen... In that case you do not pass the seminar.
      • If you cannot attend the seminar, please contact us in good time such that you can do a presentation at an other day.
    • Total: you will pass the course if you pass H,L, and S.
      • 3/godkänd: pass H,L, S.
      • 4/icke utan beröm godkänd: 2 A's in H and S.
      • 5/med beröm godkänd: more than 2 A's in H and S.
  • Comment on the "C": These rules allow you to fail once in a homework. There are different reasons for failing, some as simple as sickness or a lot to do for another course. You can interpret the examination rule as "drop the worst of the four grades".
  • Comment on the "A": If you got an "A" in a homework or seminar, you really convinced us that you master the topic. If you convinced us twice you get a 4/icke utan beröm godkänd (VG for international students), if you convinced us three of four times you deserve a 5 (med beröm godkänd).

Course Material

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