Department of Information Technology

Computer Networking (Autumn 2007)


As a compulsory part of the course assessment participants are expected to reflect on the course and their understanding of the material. Reflections are lodged using an online system and will be commented on by the teaching team during the week following the deadline for submission.

Reflections should be about 300-400 words total in length. Each reflection is broken up into several areas of focus.
A reflection is primarily a way to help you to revisit the material you have been studying and think about how it all fits together. In addition it can be useful to think about what you are unsure about in the material so far, and how you might go about remedying that. Reflection questions refer to the material covered since the previous reflection. For the first reflection in the course the questions refer to all the material covered since the start of the course.

To Lodge a Reflection

  1. Access the reflection system using the link below.
  2. Select the relevant reflection occasion
  3. Cut and paste (or write directly) your reflection into the text entry fields provided following the guidance about what the text in each field should be about.
  4. Save your reflection.

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