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Department of Information Technology

Computer Networks I (2008 Period 2)

Lecturer: Edith Ngai
Tutor: Erik Nordström

Contact both of us using the following email-address: [1]


20081218: Sliding window labs can be picked up on floor 4, house 1, nearby the toilets.
20081211: Routing labs can be picked up on floor 4, house 1, nearby the toilets.
20081209: Snoop labs can be picked up on floor 4, house 1, nearby the toilets.
20081203: Past exam paper 2007 and in-class exercises have been posted.
20081201: Updated hand-in instructions for the sliding window lab.
20081021: Welcome to the course!
20081107: The link for the code to the sliding window lab is now fixed.

Introduction to computer networking principles and practice

The course combines theory and practical applications of design and implementation of large and small scale computer networks.

  • The theory part of the course consists of a series of lectures and seminars.
  • Laboratory exercises and a programming assignment comprise the practical part.

The current instance of the course combines students from two degree programmes, Computer Science and Technical Physics. Assessment and work requirements vary a little depending on the programme taken by the students.

Assessment and Examination

The theory section of the course is assessed through a five hour written examination.

Practical computer networking competencies are assessed based on graded reports from two laboratory exercises and the demonstration of Internet programming competence in one programming assignment.

For the students in 1DT014, you will also need to make a presentation in 2-3 people on a specific topic in Computer Networks.

Activity Grading Scale
Examination U, 3, 4, 5
Laboratory U, G
Assignment U, G
Presentation (1DT014) U, G

To successfully complete the course a mark of G must be achieved for laboratory reports, the assignment, the presentation (for 1DT014), and a mark of 3, 4 or 5 achieved on the written examination. The final grade for the entire course will be the grade achieved on the written examination.

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