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Department of Information Technology

Simulation and Analysis of MANET Routing Protocols

This assignment involves simulating and analyzing two mobile ad hoc network (MANET) routing protocols. The focus is on the analysis part and you will learn how to aggregate, visualize and analyze the data generated from the simulation.

The simulation tool is ns-2.

You will also use other tools such as Perl and Gnuplot. See Resources below for more information on those tools.

It is preferred that you work in groups comprising a maximum of two people. It is up to you to find a partner.

How to proceed

Instructions for the assignment is found here

Make sure you read and follow these instructions carefully! Failure to do so might result in your assignment being handed back to you uncorrected.

There are two environments in which the assignment can be completed:

  • Either using the SUN UNIX systems at the IT-institution
  • or by downloading and burning a bootable CD-image, which you can run on your own PC at home or in the Windows PC-labs (you might have to check with the system administrators first).

Both approaches provide the simulator and tools necessary to complete the assignment. For the most part of the assignment you will work in a UNIX terminal window.

The following two sections provide detailed instructions on how to proceed depending on your choice.

The UNIX system

  1. Log in on the system using your student account.
  2. Make sure you have an open terminal window
  3. To run the simulator you need to configure your PATH environment by executing the following command: source /it/project/fo/core/labs/ns-setup.conf
  4. Download the assignment tarball and unpack using tar zxvf sim-lab.tar.gz
  5. Proceed according to the assignment instructions.

Genie CD-image

  1. Download our Knoppix based CD-image called "Genie" using BitTorrent by clicking here.
  2. Burn the image on a CD or CD-RW.
  3. Configure your PC to boot from CD-Rom and boot your PC using the Genie CD. You need a PC with network access.
  4. Once booted, download the assignment tarball and unpack using tar zxvf sim-lab.tar.gz
  5. Make sure you have an open terminal window
  6. Proceed according to the assignment instructions.

Note!!! Genie is a runtime environment only. Therefore your files are not saved after a reboot. If you want to save your work files before exiting the Genie system you should transfer them to another machine first.

Hand-in and Marking proceedure

  • To hand in your completed assignment, carefully follow the hand-in proceedure described in the assignment instructions.
  • Fill in the cover page form provided at the end of the same document and hand in the assignment in Postbox 130 on floor 4 of house 1.

The handed in assignment will then be marked in due time as either G (Godkänd/Approved) or K (Komplettering/Corrections needed). The marked assignment can then be found in the shelf at floor 3 of building 1.

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