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Department of Information Technology

(Advanced) Computer Networks (II) (1DT015, 1IT131) spring 2008

  • Repair grades: R = Repaired, RF = Repair Failed.
  • Course results have now been reported for students who currently get at least a passing grade. The grade may be upgraded when unfinished reviews are done, but never downgraded.
  • Labs can be picked up outside room 1346.
  • Some new review repairs are now possible. (Some) deadlines have been extended.
  • Quiz results and quiz answers are updated for quiz 13. The results page requires login, and only students registered on the course can access it.
  • To be able to communicate with the TFTP server your computer has to be on the 130.238.8.* network, all Unix servers are connected to that network.
  • Note that if you failed a quiz, you can choose to repair it by submitting a review for the "paper to read" for the corresponding session. If you did NOT fail a quiz, you should NOT submit a review for that paper. You can only repair 3 quizzes.

This is a follow-on course to the basic course Computer Networks I (Datakommunikation I). It is directed at the students from the IT/DV programmes who wish to specialize in this area. The course is also open for Masters and other students. This course will be taught in English and all deliverables are expected in English or Swedish.

The course introduces students to a wide range of material in advanced topics in computer networking. The students will learn how to read scientific articles in the area and to present the main concepts of these articles to their peers. The course emphasizes independent learning and active participation to help students understand important topics in computer networking. Students will also practice their hands-on networking and programming skills in the form of labs.

Lab assistant

Course start

April 3, 15:15 in room 2146 at ITC/MIC. Full schedule here.
It is important that you attend the first lecture where we'll discuss how this course works and you will sign up for the seminars.

For more information, see the links in the left-hand margin, in particular news.

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