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Department of Information Technology

Computer Networks II spring 2010

This course in a nutshell

This is a course where you will read scientific articles, present them to others, write a few reviews and do some lab work. The absence of a written exam at the end is compensated for by keeping you busy throughout the course with a number of small tasks. In order to get an idea of what is expected from you and what the rules that applies in this course are, you are strongly encouraged to read through the course information page carefully. Some of this information will be presented at the first lecture, but it is assumed that all students have read through the full information and know what applies.

As the actual content of the course is very much dependent on the number of students, some details may be changed after the first lecture when we know the number of students. Such changes will be about removing rather than adding scheduled time.


2010-03-11: For those who have to repair their lab solutions to either lab 1 or lab 2: If you hand in your revised solution before Thursday, Mar 18th, you will get your grade on the revised solution by Monday, Mar 22nd. Otherwise your results may be delayed until the end of the academic year, as pointed out in the course info.
2010-02-15: The second lab assignment is available now. Notice the deadline is Feb 26th, 17.00!
2010-01-26: The first lab assignment is available now.
2010-01-19: Students who gave a valid UpUnet-S ID can now access some internal information under "Internal"
2010-01-11: Course begins on January 19:th at 10:15 in room 1311. Register in the student portal before January 14:th.
2009-12-18: Some course info and the schedule is available.

Some short answers to common questions

Q: I can not attend all the scheduled time
A: Information about how to make up for missed group work or seminars is available on the course information page. Extensive absence outside what is covered there is unfortunately not possible due to the continuous assessment used in this course.

Q: I want to be in the course but have not applied for it, is that possible?
A: Talk to the student counselor about this, but be aware there is a hard limit on the number of students

Q: I need to be away for some part of period 3, is that a problem?
A: Yes, it is as we use continuous assessment in this course.

Q: What textbook will be used?
A: None, we will use a lot of articles and whitepapers instead.

Q: Do I have to take this course to take CN3 in period 4?
A: Yep! Unless you have taken this course before, of course...

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