Department of Information Technology


The course comprises two compulsory laboratory assignments. The assignments will be made available on this page in time.

Working in Groups

For both assignments you must work in a group of exactly two (2) people. This is a requirement, and you can not work on your own. If you are unable to find a partner, contact Fredrik Bjurefors or Frederik Hermans.
For each assignment that you hand in, clearly state the name and e-mail address of both group members.


We advise you to take advantage of the scheduled lab occasions.

If you have been to the labs and still struggle with the problems, you can attend office hours to talk to Fredrik Bjurefors and Frederik Hermans. Office hours are divided into 10-minute slots. If you want to attend, reserve a time slot in advance using the links below:

Come to Ångström laboratory, building 7, floor 2 at the scheduled time. We will pick you up at the corridor entrance. Try to write down your problem in at most one sentence beforehand. This helps you to understand your problem and helps us to help you.

Deadline and Handing In

The deadline for the network programming lab is on 5th of February at 23.59.
The deadline for the MANET routing lab is on 26th of February at 17.00.

Hand in printouts for both your labs (prior to the respective deadline) in postbox 50, at Polacksbacken floor 4, house 1.

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