Department of Information Technology

Simulation and Analysis of MANET Routing Protocols

This assignment involves simulating and analyzing two mobile ad hoc network (MANET) routing protocols. The focus is on the analysis part and you will learn how to aggregate, visualize and analyze the data generated from the simulation.

The simulation tool is ns-2. You will also use other tools such as Perl and Gnuplot. See Resources below for more information on those tools.

The deadline for this lab assignment Feb 26th, 17.00. See the course information for how lab deadlines are handled.

How to proceed

Instructions for the assignment is found here.

The UNIX system

  1. Log in on the system using your student account.
  2. Make sure you have an open terminal window
  3. To run the simulator you need to configure your PATH environment by executing the following command: source /it/project/fo/core/labs/ns-setup.conf
  4. Download the assignment tarball and unpack using tar zxvf sim-lab.tar.gz
  5. Proceed according to the assignment instructions.

Passing Requirements and Hand-in procedure

  • This lab assignment will be graded either G (pass), U (fail), or K (needs work). Requirements for passing are stated explicitly in the hand-in procedure section of the assignment instructions.
  • To hand in your completed assignment, carefully follow the hand-in procedure described in the assignment instructions.
  • Fill in the cover page form provided at the end of the same document and hand in the assignment in Postbox 50 on floor 4 of house 1 at Polacksbacken.

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