Department of Information Technology

Computer Networks II Spring 2010

Reading list

  • The paper numbers correspond to what group is reading/presenting them
    • Paper 2-5 in each block is presented at seminar "a"
    • Paper 6-9 in each block is presented at seminar "b"
    • Information about what seminars are "a" and "b" is found on the schedule page.
  • Star marked (*) papers are available for reviewing
    • You can not review a paper presented by your own group
    • You can not submit more than one review per block
    • You can not submit more than 4 reviews in total
    • You can not submit a review of a paper presented in a seminar you are writing a make-up review for
  • If you miss a seminar, you can compensate for one seminar occasion by writing a make-up review
    • If you miss seminar "a", review paper 2-5 in that block. If you miss seminar "b", review paper 6-9 in that block.

Block 1: Internet Architecture and History

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Block 2: Internet Measurements and Performance

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Block 3: Current issues in Networking

  1. ---
  2. Pajic M., Mangharam R., Anti-Jamming for Embedded Wireless Networks, In ACM SenSys 2009.
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Block 4: Wireless and Mobile Networking

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Block 5: Future Internets

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