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Department of Information Technology

Computer Networks II spring 2011

To contact the teacher and teaching assistants, send an e-mail to this address: Your mail will be forwarded automatically to the teacher and all TAs. Please do not send e-mail to our personal e-mail addresses!


2011-01-20: The unannounced pop quizzes are no longer unannounced. The first one will be on the lecture Janary 25:th. See schedule page for information about the other dates.
2011-01-26: The following lectures have been canceled:

  • Jan 26 (Guest lecturer busy)
  • Feb 1 (Spare time not needed)
  • Feb 7 (Topic already covered in basic networking course)

2011-01-26: For users of PeerWise, here is a short tutorial on how to write good multichoice questions.
2011-01-27: For information on first seminar, read here.
2011-02-11: For information on second seminar, read here.
2011-02-24: The following lectures have been canceled:

  • Feb 25 (Spare time not needed)
  • Mar 4 (Spare time not needed)

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