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Department of Information Technology

Computer Networks II spring 2012


2012-01-24: The spare time on January 30:th is canceled.
2012-01-30: The seminar groups for the first seminar on February 2:nd can be found here.
2012-02-15: The seminar groups for the second seminar on February 17:th can be found here.
2012-02-26: The sparetime in the afternoon on February 28:th will not be used for this course. It may be used for information about the CN3 course that runs in the next period. More information about that will come from Per Gunningberg.
2012-02-28: The seminar groups for the third seminar on March 2:nd can be found here.

To contact the teacher and teaching assistants, send an e-mail to this address: Your mail will be forwarded automatically to the teacher and all TAs. Please do not send e-mail to our personal e-mail addresses!

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