Department of Information Technology

Computer Networks II Spring 2013

Schedule and readings

The readings column refer to material you should have studied before the lecture.

"Book" readings refer to latest edition of Computer Networking - A Top-down Approach by Kurose/Ross (course litterature for Computer networks I). Corresponding sections may be available in older versions of the book.

Some of the articles may only be available from within the University network.
(**) Slides or text available in Student Portal

The table below is the tentative schedule. The official schedule can be located here.

Date Time Subject Readings before the lecture
Jan 21 10 Course introduction(**)  Course homepage, in particular the course information
Internet history  History of the Internet (video), A brief history of the Internet
Jan 22 10 Guest lecture: The future web(**)  Tim Bernes-Lee on the next web (video)
Jan 23 13 Real time services, Network programming  Book: Ch 2.7, Ch 7,
Jan 24 13 Lab 1  Instructions on labs page
Jan 28 15  Opportunistic networks, DTNs  Delay- and disruption-tolerant networking (**)
Jan 29 10 Transport protocols  Book: Ch 3.5-3.7, TCP Congestion Control (**)
Jan 29 Deadline for signing up to seminar on February 4:th  
Jan 30 13 Guest lecture: Simulating and modeling computer networks(**)  Why we don't know how to simulate the Internet (**)
Jan 31 10 Lab 1 Instructions on labs page
Feb 1 16:00 Deadline for forming a presentation group and picking a subject
Feb 3   midnight Deadline for lab 1  
Feb 4 Seminar 1 Sign up before January 29:th!  All readings above
Feb 5 10 Wireless commmunication and MAC(**) Schiller: p31-61, p69-72 
Feb 6  13 Guest lecture: Cellular networks(**)  Schiller: p93-108
Feb 7 13 Wifi, Short-distance communication Schiller: p201-234, p269-276
Feb 8 8 Lab 2 Instructions on labs page
Feb 11 13 Guest lecture: Energy aspects in wireless networks  Energy concerns in wireless networks (**)
Feb 11 midnight Deadline for lab 2
Feb 13 13 Internet of things, participatory sensing  When Sensor and Actuator Networks Cover the World (**)
Feb 13    Deadline for signing up to seminar on February 18:th  
Feb 14 10 IPv6 in wired and wireless networks  Book: Ch 4.4.4, IPv6 (Wikipedia), IP is Dead, Long Live IP for Wireless Sensor Networks (**)
Feb 15 16:00 Deadline for presenting chosen readings for video presentation  
Feb 18 Seminar 2 Sign up before February 13:th! All readings above since last seminar
Feb 19 10 Network science Introduction to Graph Theory
Feb 20 13 spare time  
Feb 21 10 Guest lecture: Networking in rural and disaster scenarios  Communication Challenges in Emergency Response (**)
Feb 25 10 Anonymity, privacy and integrity  Three types of online attacks (video)
Feb 25 Deadline for signing up to seminar on February 28:th  
Feb 26 15 Guest lecture: Information-centric networking  A Survey of Information-Centric Networking (**)
Feb 27 13 Datacenters and green networking  A survey of green networking research (**)
Feb 28 Seminar 3 Sign up before February 25:th! All readings above since last seminar
Mar 8 16:00 Deadline for submitting video presentation to student portal  
Mar 15 16:00 Deadline for giving feedback on video presentations  
Mar 20 9  Pre-release of written exam  All readings above
Mar 20  14 Written exam All readings above

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