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Department of Information Technology

Computer Networks III

Spring 2010

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The course grades are now available on the internal page.

You may now find the home exam result on the internal page.

If your interested in doing your thesis within the Computer Communication group you can register here.

Some notes about the grading principle of projects and term papers are available on the course internal pages.

All presentations will be June 2. See Presentation Day when your presentation is due. Note that all project presentations are mandatory for all participants. All paper presentations are also mandatory for the those who writes a paper.

The Seminar A2, scheduled for April 22 is moved to April 28, 0815-1000, Pol_1245, due to several requests for a longer time between A1 and A2 for preparing the presentation.

The home exam is here. If you have problems to get it form the web pages and can mail it on request.

The exam will be available om the internal course pages Tuesday, April 13, at 10:00. Due Wednesday, April 14, at 10:00. On the internal page, there will be a FAQ with answers. Questions about the exam should be mailed to the main instructor.

All registered are now assigned a seminar.

Please register for a seminar. The seminars will be limited to at most 12 participants. We have today, Thursday at 11.00, 11 registered for seminar C and 5 for seminar A. Also check that your registration is correct at the internal page.

Project and term paper assignment is finished. Please check course internal pages.

The registration for the course is no closed.

It is not possible to change lecture time on Thursday March 25. The schedule stays as is.

The 24h home exam has been moved to April 13-14.

New times for the seminars. See the schedule.

The course starts March 22, 10.15. Room Pol_1111. Registration and project sign-up on this lecture. If you do NOT come to the lecture, you may be deleted from the course. Inform the main instructor if you can not come to the course start.

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