Department of Information Technology

Datakom III Paper and Projects presentations, June 2, 2010

Open for other students and teachers.

Location: Pol_2446

Final Program

Time Paper/Project Presenter Note
0815-0845 Paper: RFID, NFC and NFMI Technologies Lasanthi Karunaratne Opposition: Dena Houshmand Mozafari & Soodeh Gholamzadehdevin
0845-0915 Paper: Security in Ad Hoc and Personal Area Networks Filip Sebasta & Ahmad Bijairimi Opposition: Lasanthi Karunaratne
0930-1000 Paper: 3G vs WiMAX Mohammadreza Taghilu, & Behzad Oskooi Opposition: Vasilij Savin, Rogalli Moritz & Linus Wollentz
1000-1030 Paper: Inexpensive wireless kiosks and networks for the Third World rural areas. Dena Houshmand Mozafari & Soodeh Gholamzadehdevin Opposition: Mohammadreza Taghilu, & Behzad Oskooi
1045-1115 Paper: Streaming multimedia: A Technology Analysis Vasilij Savin, Rogalli Moritz & Linus Wollentz Opposition: Filip Sebasta & Ahmad Bijairimi
1120-1200 Project: Build an indoor sensor network Volkan Cambazoglu, Qian Li, Johan Lindqvist, Dari Luukka & Olle Pettersson Demo
1200-1310 Lunch
1310-1350 Project: Project: Make an Android phone part of a WSN by talking 802.15.4 Xiaolin Bai, Lu Liu, Papanash Muthuswamy, Tejas Oza, Xiaoyu Tong, & Wenfei Zhu Demo
1400-1440 Project: Tracing data dissemination in an opportunistic network on a map Niclas Axelsson, Erik Carlsson, Jonas Rosling & Sam Tavakoli Demo
1450-1530 Project: Chess over Opportunistic Networks Shuo Li, Ying Wang, & Volker Wenzel Demo
1540-1620 Project: Congestion Control in Opportunistic Networks Rui Feng, Lin Kan, Lei Mou, Bin Yan & Yuting Wu Demo
1630-1710 Project: Push-to-talk Xiaoqiang Chen & Peng Zhang Demo

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