Department of Information Technology

Environmental Monitoring

Environmental monitoring with sensors covers a very large application area, from biology ecosystems, such as parasites in drinking waters, to noise monitoring in city centers. Projects in this area are normally large and, but in order to be able to carry them through in the course they must be at smaller scale.

The sensors we have for the course can measure temperature, movement(IR), acceleration, luminance and sound. Mobile phones can also be used as sensors in this projects, possibly in combination with dedicated sensors. The mobile phone senses: images, sound, acceleration, location(GPS), tilt and direction(compass).

Of current research interest are systems for building climate monitoring for comfort and energy savings. Issues are control of temperature luminance, noise, humidity, draft, carbon dioxide at individual work desks. The UU-Sensei testbed is useful to set-up such a testing area.

Tasks in this area involve the design of the monitoring equipment, programming of sensors, mining of information and presentation of distilled information at servers or smart phones. Sensing applications on smart phones are preferably programmed as Apps.

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