Department of Information Technology

Topics for a term paper.

The following topics can be used as an inspiration for your proposals. More ideas will be added.

  • Localization techniques in sensor networks
  • Wireless Sensor Networks for animal behavior studies
  • Pocket style networks and content transfer through personal meetings
  • Wireless Sensor networks in sports activities
  • Inexpensive wireless kiosks and networks for the Third World rural areas.
  • Discovery and pairing of mobile devices
  • Self-configuring wireless networks
  • Location privacy
  • Key generation and key distribution in wireless sensor networks
  • ZigBee vs 6LowPAN based networks
  • Bluetoth v1 - v4
  • Performance of TCP over smart phones
  • Security in ad-hoc and personal area networks
  • RFID, NFC and RER technologies
  • Body Area Networks
  • WSN for building control of heating, AC and others.
  • Geotagging and other virtual notes
  • WSN nodes with superlow energy consumption

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