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Projects (Draft)

Projects involves programming, instrumentation and measurements on wireless and mobile devices. You develop a prototype application, evaluate some protocol etc. They can be complemented with a more theoretical part, which means that some team members in the project group write a report (i.e. term paper) on the project topic by reviewing the existing literature. It could be a good idea to divide the project team members over the practical and theoretical study/analysis parts. All members collaborate to solve the overall task.

Projects are carried out in groups of 3-5 students. Groups that combine the project with a theoretical study are carried out in groups of 4-7 students.

The process of choosing and distributing projects begin February 28, even if the actual project work does not begin until end of March. Teams can be formed before the introduction lecture.

Project selection

You need to team up with fellow students for a project. There are two options for selecting a project. The first is to pick one from the following list or to suggest your own project. For the listed projects we will apply the first-come-first-served principle.

Your project selections are submitted as an email to no later than 16:00 on March 8:th. Include in the email:

  • Name of the project.
  • Contact person with email address.
  • Name of team members and email addresses.
  • Optionally - alternative projects (ranked) - if your selection is already booked.

If you propose your own project you also need to include:

  • Brief description of what the project is about (possibly including the subject of the theoretical study)
  • Brief description of the approach
  • How the different subtasks will be divided among team members
  • How the project will be presented at the end of the course (e.g. demo)
  • Hardware and software requirements

All proposed projects are normally limited to one of the following areas:

The supervisor team will review your selection/proposals and give you feedback on these no later than March 12:th.

I do not have a team

In some circumstances you cannot comprise a team but know what project you want to do. Then write us an email with your selection and preferably alternative projects and we will try to match your interests against other students.

Due to limited resources in terms of lab space, hardware and supervisors, we cannot guarantee that everyone will be able to do the project they have ranked highest. We will, however, do our best to meet everyone's preferences.


  • February 28 - Projects introduction lecture
  • March 8:th at 16:00 - Deadline for project proposals, both your own as well as from the list
  • March 12:th - Feedback on your own project proposals from the supervisor team
  • March 15:th at 08:00 - Deadline for revised project proposal
  • March 26:th - Project starts

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